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Just published: the Jaarboek 2014-2015 of the Thomas Instituut. With contributions of Thomas Machula, Anthony Wang Tao, Pim Valkenberg, Willem Jacobus Card. Eijk, Henk J.M. Schoot and Alexis Szejnoga.


Academic scholars are kindly invited to register their participation in the International Conference on “The Virtuous Life. Thomas Aquinas on the theological nature of moral virtues” that the Thomas Instituut will host on 16-19 December 2015 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

This year the Thomas Instituut celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Keynote lectures will be delivered by David Decosimo (Loyola College, Maryland, then Boston University), William Mattison (Catholic University of America), Angela McKay Knobel (Catholic University of America), and Andrew Pinsent (Oxford University).

The conference will host a maximum number of 60 scholars, which means that only 60 registrations will be accepted. Most of them will come from outside The Netherlands. About fourty scholars will present a short lecture or a paper. The character of the conference is expert, the language spoken English.
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Wednesday, May 20th, Syds Wiersma succesfully defended his thesis on the writings of Raymundus Martini. The thesis is called "Pearls in a Dunghill. The Anti-Jewish Writings of Raymond Martin o,p. (ca. 1220-ca. 1285). Promotores of this thesis were Herwi Rikhof and Judith Frishman. Copromotor was Henk Schoot.
The defense of the thesis took place at the aula of Tilburg University in Tilburg, where many colleagues, family and friends were present. In the morning a symposium was held on Jews and Christians in Mediëval Christianity. Lectures were given by Anna Sapir Abulafia (Oxford), Herwi Rikhof (Tilburg) and Marcel Poorthuis (Tilburg), chaired by Judith Frishman (Leiden).
We congratulate all involved!
The manuscript, to be published, can be consulted here.