Sep 20, 2017

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Works of Thomas Aquinas

Placed on the web: 2002-01-17

Thomas AquinasDifferent scholars have different needs. The Thomas Instituut offers you access to the works of Aquinas via different ways:

  • A list of Latin texts of Aquinas on the web: click here for Robert Pasnau´s list.

  • For a very detailed list of (partial) English translations, including those available on the web click here for Thérèse Bonin´s list
  • .

  • Our own list of Latin texts and translations of Aquinas on the web: click here

  • Opera Omnia site by Enrique Alarcón at Pamplona. All of Thomas´s works in Latin, including all the Leonine editions hitherto published: Click here

  • How to purchase works by Aquinas? Stephen Loughlin has some good addresses: Click here.

  • A searchable database of all works of Thomas Aquinas (see buttons below). The list is derived from Weisheipl´s Friar Thomas Aquinas, including the division into different categories. You can list the works by choosing one of the categories or choose for all categories. Or you can search for a specific work, either by typing the full title (Summa Theologiae), part of the title (Summa), or the abbreviation of the title (Sth). Notice that when you choose one of the categories your query will be limited to this category. A query for "De Art" in the category "Theological syntheses" will yield no results.