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Works of Thomas Aquinas

The Thomas Instituut te Utrecht recommends the following sites to access works of Aquinas:

Corpus Thomisticum
by Enrique Alarcón at Pamplona.
The Corpus Thomisticum project aims to provide scholars with a set of instruments of research on Thomas Aquinas, freely available via internet. It has five parts:
-A full edition of the complete works of St. Thomas according, where possible, to the best critical texts.
-A bibliography covering all the studies on Aquinas and his doctrine, from the 13th century through our days.
-An index of the main tools of Thomistic research, and the edition of the most important among them.
-A database management system, implemented to search, compare, and sort words, phrases, quotations, similitudes, correlations, and statistical information.
-A digital edition of the main manuscripts of Aquinas' works.

Thomas Aquinas in English: A Bibliography
A very helpful and extensive bibliography created by Thérèse Bonin of the Philosophy Department, Duquesne University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), containing a list of all works of Aquinas with (links leading to) English translations.