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Dictionaries and sites

Catholic Encyclopedia
Article on Thomas Aquinas in The Catholic Encyclopedia, a fifteen-volume encyclopedia covering a broad range of topics, secular and religious, from a Catholic perspective. The version being used for this project was published in 1913.

Corpus Thomisticum
by Enrique Alarcón (Pamplona). The Corpus Thomisticum project aims to provide scholars with a set of instruments of research on Thomas Aquinas, freely available via internet.

Doctor Angelicus
A weblog dedicated to commenting on the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, and on Thomism.

Grand Portail Thomas d'Aquin
This site aims at four goals: it surplies translations of the most important texts of Thomas Aquinas, it gives a general introduction into realistic philosophy, it gives information about publications and sites devoted to Thomas Aquinas and it opens the discussion about our world of today and the thomistic philosophy.

A site for Medieval Studies where you can find texts, philosophy, theology and historic information.

Perseus Project
Greek and Latin lexica and search tools.

In French. A site dedicated to the study of Late Scholasticism, both Catholic and Protestant (1500-1800). The site contains bio-bibliographical data about the authors of Second Scholasticism, a list of recent publications in the field, exchange of information, links on the web.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Article on Thomas Aquinas in this online dictionary of philosophy.

The Thomistic E-nstitute
The Thomistic E-nstitute is an internet educational and research center with a focus on the thought of Thomas Aquinas and the tradition that draws from his works. Besides the historical study of Aquinas and thomism, the e-nstitute also disseminates work that engages thomism with recent or contemporary thought in different disciplines. Operated by its 'principal investigator' Jude Chua Soo Meng.

Thomas Aquinas in English
A very helpful bibliography created by Thérèse Bonin of the Philosophy Department, Duquesne University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) containing a list of all works of Aquinas with English translations, with some useful information on how to refer to Aquinas' works, etc.
Website designed to provide ready access to up-to-date information about resources for scholars of Aquinas, newsletter. Owned en operated by Mark Johnson (Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA).

Thomistic Philosophy
Texts, topics, questions, bibliography, links.