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Prof. dr. R.A. (Rudi) te Velde

Rudi te Velde (1957) is lecturer in philosophy at Tilburg School of Theology of Tilburg University. He is also professor at the Radboud-chair on the relationships between philosophy and Christianity at the department of philosophy of the University of Amsterdam.
Te Velde studied philosophy in Amsterdam. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the doctrine of participation of Thomas Aquinas under supervision of professor J.A. Aertsen (Participation and Substantiality in Thomas Aquinas, Leiden: Brill 1995).
His fields of interest are the thought of Thomas Aquinas, the history of metaphysics, and contemporary philosophy of religion.

Current research project:
Metaphysics and Subjectivity

The research project aims to make a systematic clarification of the basic structure and concepts of premodern metaphysics in the Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition. Central themes are the theory of participation in relation with the theory of the degrees of being, the relationship between physics and metaphysics, and the theological point of metaphysics. This systematic clarification uses 'metaphysics and subjectivity' for a critical discussion with contemporary ideas about metaphysics, including the theory of identity, onto-theology, logocentrism and metaphysical realism (Putnam). The results of this research will be published in a historical-systematic monograph on metaphysics and participation.

Selection of Publications

Thomas van Aquino: over waarheid en onwaarheid, Kampen 1988 (Translation of Summa theologiae I, qq.16 + 17: on Truth and Falsity, with introduction and notes).

Thomas van Aquino: Metafysica tussen ervaring en transcendentie. Teksten over de metafysica als wetenschapsvorm, Kampen 1994 (Translation of Aquinas' Commentary on Boetius' De trinitate, q.5 + q.6, with introduction and commentary).

De filosoof en de dood. Plato's Phaedo: analyse en interpretatie, Budel 2002 (commentary on Plato’s Phaedo)

Aquinas on God. The
scientia about God in the Summa Theologiae, Aldershot 2006 (Ashgate Studies in the History of Philosophical Theology)

Thomas van Aquino: over waarheid [Q.D. De veritate q.1], redactie + vertaling (Annalen van het Thijmgenootschap) Valkhof Pers, Nijmegen 2006

The Concept of the Good according to Thomas Aquinas, in: Die Metaphysik und das Gute. Aufsätze zu ihrem Verhältnis in Antike und Mittelalter, Jan A. Aertsen zu Ehren, hrsg. von Wouter Goris, Leuven 1999, 79-104

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