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Prof. Dr. H.J.M. (Henk) Schoot

Henk J.M. Schoot (1958) is Director of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht (Tilburg University) and lecturer in Systematic Theology. From 2007 unti 2012 he was extraordinary professor on the Chair for Theology of Thomas Aquinas at TST, and again since December 2017. He is deacon of the Archdiocese of Utrecht.
He is editor-in-chief of the Jaarboek Thomas Instituut te Utrecht and was the first secretary of studies at the institute (1990-2000).
Schoot studied theology in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Notre Dame and Paris. He did his thesis (Utrecht, prof. De Grijs) on Aquinas' christology, entitled Christ, the 'Name' of God. Thomas Aquinas on naming Christ (Peeters, Louvain 1993).

Schoot teaches courses in christology, trinitarian theology, soteriology, theology of interreligious dialogue, theological methodology, ecumenical theology, theology of ministry, and the history of theology.

Current research project:
Christology and Soteriology

In this research the central questions concern the themes of Christology (the person of Jesus Christ) and soteriology (the salvific meaning of his incarnation, preaching, encounters, passion, death, and resurrection). This project engages with Thomas Aquinas, as well as with other theologians from different phases of the history of theology, including modernity. The questions address the revelation which Christ is and brings, his salfivic value and the models that are designed or can be designed for it, the relation between Word and Spirit, the place of Christ in view of world religions, the spirituality of the imitation of Christ, including in the different ecclesial ministries, as well as the elaboration of this toward Christian identity.

Selection of Publications

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